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Thank you for visiting my campaign website!  In November, 2010, I was elected to serve as State Representative for District 100 in south St. Louis County.   As a result of the 2010 census, all Missouri districts have changed both in size and boundaries.  I am running for re-election in what is now the new District 95 which encompasses about 70% of the former 100th District, with the remaining 30% coming from the current 97th District now represented by Gary Fuhr.

If you would like to view the new boundaries, please visit  In the middle section, click on “Appellate Apportionment Commission State Legislative District Maps” and follow the instructions (it’s not very user friendly but is the best site available at this time). Representing the citizens of South County for the past two legislative sessions has been a great honor.  My voting record reflects decisions that I truly believe represent the will of those who sent me to Jefferson City.  I am Christian, pro-life, fiscal conservative.  I believe government already takes enough from citizens in the way of taxes.  My values have guided me during my time in the state legislature and will continue to influence every decision I make in the future as your representative.

While in Jefferson City, I have served on the following committees:  Budget, Urban Issues, Economic Development, Downsizing State Government, Health Care Policy and Appropriation for Corrections & Public Safety.

I take public service very seriously, and enjoy working on behalf of the voters in South County who have given me this amazing opportunity.  My colleagues have recognized my dedication to the citizens of Missouri and have twice honored me with the award as Legislator of the Year for Fiscal Responsibility.  I have also been selected to serve as the Republican representative on the Missouri Women's Council and was recently asked to serve on the Governor's Task Force for the Prevention of Child Sexual abuse.

Thank you in advance for your support!   I look forward to serving you in Jefferson City.

Respectfully Submitted,
Representative Marsha Haefner

The Primary Election is August 7, 2012

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